Main Project Construction Update

After design review 2, I poured the epoxy resin in two stages.  The first pour was about 1/3 of the resin and took 4 hours to reach that “sweet” spot to start the next pour.  I successful completed the second pour and used a heat gun remove the air bubbles.  I then let it dry overnight and woke up to a problem.  The resin had cracked in a few different areas.



My error was that I left the resin to cure overnight outside, where it got much colder than the curing temperature should have been.  I have started to remove the resin to end up with just the wood.  I am still making my plan of what to do next but it will include completely removing the resin, but saving it as a potential material in the remaking of this table.

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  • Brooke Shade
    May 3, 2020 5:16 pm

    Hey Paul! It is such a bummer that it didn’t work out the way that you originally intended and led to some cracks. But I applaud your willingness to try again. You could have certainly just left it cracked and it still would have been amazing, so I’m glad you have the determination to make it something you LOVE. What have you learned about iteration in the process?

  • Max Armstrong
    May 2, 2020 3:32 pm

    That is really unfortunate that the resin cracked. I know that by now you have since moved on from this stage, but I am wondering if you could have utilized the cracking to your advantage and made it part of the aesthetics. I’m not exactly how it would look in reality, but I could picture being able to pour black dyed resin into the cracks and then continue pouring more of your blue colored resin over the top. This could maybe create the effect of an abyss or even just look like and interesting feature. I’m interested to see what your final product turns out to be. Good luck!


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