Final Project Part 1 – Indietronic EP

Once Covid-19 hit, I was obviously faced with a fabrication dilemma, being that most or all of the resources available to me would now be closed.  Since I am already a novice at fabrication, I decided to utilize what I was already adept at and had the resources to create: music.  Music is the most important thing in my life and this class has given me a lot of new ideas towards how important it is for my own music to fit an aesthetic.  So I created a continuous EP of “indietronic” music, as well as an album cover that would fit the aesthetic.  The cover was shot in Moab, Utah at dusk sometime in April and was edited some aggressive color manipulation in photoshop.  It was shot on an iPhone.



The musical aesthetic I decided to explore is the loosely defined genre of “indietronic.”  Indietronic is essentially music composed with a hybrid of real and electronic instruments, often with vibrant, lush sounds and psychedelic undertones.  Likewise, many of the album covers that grace this music use vibrant colors and images of space and open landscapes to convey the feeling of the music.  A few notable artists that I see as being part of the genre: MGMT, LCD Soundsystem, STRFKR, M83.


Top 5 Constraints:

  1. Must contain both real and electronic instrumentation.
  2. Must have a psychedelic vibe
  3. Album cover must use vibrant, saturated colors
  4. Must have some form of vocals
  5. Must have some element of pop to it, not too experimental.
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