Aesthetic Roots: Science and Math

I believe the way I think and the way I see the world comes from my experience with Science and Math. I want think that the world can be divided, simplified, and explained in a logical manner.

This art piece that I made is an example of such my roots. The only necessary features I believe I need for the subject, a clam, is a “crusty outside” a hidden gem inside. Thus when I made this object I focused on making the inside as shiny as possible, and achieving more of a matte look on the outside.

For my project, I wanted to take this idea of simplicity and beauty. I don’t want the base of the desk toy to look flashy, but symmetrical and simple. That is why I choose a simple linear Celtic knot.


I hope to make the top of the project look simple, despite my complex aspirations. I wanted a simple figure 8 design because I believe that simple movement is eye-catching.


[1] Wikipedia. “File:Celtic-knot-basic-linear.svg”. Accessed May 6, 2020.

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