Upcycle Sailing Progress

I began the construction of my upcycled materials to make something that forms to the Aesthetic of sailing. A couple weeks ago I ran into this real old bottle of Seagrams Canadian Whisky and the name Seagrams made me think of the Sea and I decided to make the bottle the base of my aesthetic design.

I also found a random metal base shown here in the lower left and the parts to make a lamp. These parts include wire guide rod, lightbulb socket, and cord.



I decided many parts need a little paint job. But before all the parts get paint some need holes!

This is a hole through the lid of the bottle! Had to be big enough to fit the cord rod through it.

This is me drilling a hole through the bottom of the bottle. Notice the water-bottle to the right. That was to keep the glass cool while I drilled so it didn’t shatter.

This was a metal piece to make sure the parts stay tight in the bottle. But now some paint! I painted the brown base, black and the gold cap, black as well.


Here I started constructing the pieces!










This involved some soldering!














This is the almost complete for the progress so far however I need a means to attach a mast to the side of the bottle and add a sheet metal sail that will hold up the lamp shade.




I decided to weld on a peg that I could attach to in the next couple days.

After I welded that on I painted the base again and tested it out with a light bulb! I am super excited to see what the rest of this will look like!

I used some black light bulb so it didn’t white out the picture!

Stay tuned!

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  • I really like how the lamp is coming out! I’m excited to see how the sail ends up looking being made out of sheet metal. Will you be using some sort of fabric to make the shade or do you already have one that you’re repurposing from another lamp? Will the mast be made of wood?

  • Hey Peter,

    I really like the idea of making a lamp. I think it will be cool to have a project that serves a meaningful purpose other than just the project description. What other elements are you planning on adding to fit in with sailing?


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