My Personal Casual Aesthetic

My personal aesthetic would definitely be a more laid back, casual and sport related type of aesthetic. The majority of the clothes and shoes that I own are either workout clothes or relaxing clothes such as sweat pants and hoodies. I have never really thought about my personal aesthetic before this post but this aesthetic describes my lifestyle perfectly. I have always been an outdoorsy person and I enjoy being active and working out when I can.

Figure 1

I think a lot of my personal aesthetic comes from my family as we are all active people and playing sports all of my life. I would spend the majority of my time playing sports or in a gym and was always wearing those types of clothes. Eventually that became my entire wardrobe and it has never changed.

Figure 2

The type of aesthetic that I want to use for my project is not really going to be a casual aesthetic. For this I am aiming to do a more modern or futuristic type of aesthetic in the design. I plan on using black and white colors mostly to give a very smooth and sleek look to the project. I think using mostly these two colors will give the contrast and appearance that I am looking for in the project.

Figure 3


Figure 1: Original Image

Figure 2: Original Image

Figure 3:

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  • Hi Ryan,

    I can relate to your post because most of the clothes that I own are also gym clothes and casual wear. I like your idea of using mostly black and white for your project, I personally think that they’re two of the best colors when it comes to decorations and clothing. I’m excited to see what your final project looks like!

  • Hey Ryan,

    I think it is interesting how standard outfits have changed so much throughout generations. Back in the early 1900’s men usually wore full suits all day. Now its common for our generation to dress very casually 90% of the week! I think this is a very awesome aesthetic to describe ones person, even though we’ve never met! I can’t wait to show off your final product regarding the more modern slim-lined design.


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