The Aesthetic of Ben Husa

I’d never really thought of my personal aesthetic until this class.  I assume that I, like many others have a lot of different aesthetics that we identify with.  I would say that growing up in Colorado, I would like to think that I have a relatively outdoorsy esthetic that aligns me with the mountains and the woods.  I like to spend a lot of time outdoors biking, fishing, running, climbing etc. I think that rocking with outdoors gear during everyday life is an interesting way to dress.  I don’t always do this however because in Boulder there is a certain effect that the people that are too outdoorsy give off.  I try to bring nature into my home by creating cool aquarium scapes out of  natural plants, rocks, and wood pieces.  While there are many different aquarium aesthetics that I admire, I would have to say that my favorite is jungle themed.  This means that the tank is very heavily planted with accents of drift wood with aquatic moss growing on it.  With all of the leaves tangled together and the fish swimming in and out of them, I think that it’s an awesome way to make a dingy room feel more like the outdoors.  And I think we can all use a little more outdoors these days. To go along with this, I also think that using outdoor gear and nature inspired decorations is a good way to add an interesting aspect to a house.  I like walking into a house that is seemingly normal on the outside but cabin themed on the inside.  There’s something nostalgic about seeing a bunch of vintage “woodsy” items in a house that makes it feel more homey.


Going off the Retro themes, I think that my aesthetic also aligns with those from previous decades.  All of the music that I listen to is predominantly 80’s rock, metal, and pop.  While many people our age find this fact repulsive, I do not really care.  I blame my parents for brainwashing me when I was younger with their old favorites.  My main clothing aesthetic aligns with that of rock bands, consisting of mostly blacks and greys.  I have never really been into really colorful clothes and have been dressing this way ever since I was allowed to buy my own clothes.  I’m not sure what inspired this but I’ve stuck with it for a long while now.


I plan on incorporating the nature aesthetic into my final project but I don’t know how yet.  I was thinking that I could design a new tank for my pea puffer fish named Penelope.  She’s bee cooped up in a 5 gallon and I’ve been waiting for an excuse to upgrade her for a while now.  As for the moving part, I could make an above water section for a waterfall feature or something.








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  • Ben, this is a fun read. I like the picture you have painted of yourself and your aesthetic. I also tend toward mostly black clothes or outdoors gear. Like you, I have not really thought much about the aesthetics of my living space or clothes aside from just liking it. Sometimes I think its easier to identify what I don’t like than what I do. Are there any aesthetics that you know you really dislike?

  • Andrew Thorson
    March 11, 2021 11:41 am

    I think that your idea of incorporating the nature aesthetic into a possible fish tank expansion is a great idea. I think that fish tanks very easily lend themselves to this type of aesthetic. I know that stores often sell natural looking components for fish tanks and maybe you could build a structure that combines a variety of these pre bought parts.


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