My Personal Aesthetic

My personal aesthetic for Thanos’ Gauntlet in my opinion is pretty hard to pin down. In my head I believe that there is a unique aesthetic to Marvel movies, but solely thinking of Thanos’ Gauntlet makes me think of a more viking aesthetic. 

For each of the heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), there seems to be a focus on accenting their “uniforms” with metal. Iron Man of course is made of metal, but in terms of the other characters there is an outline of a metallic looking accent that makes the characters stand out more. Almost making them seem more powerful. From the movie poster below you can somewhat see these accents that I am referencing. When looking at Thor you can see that his chest plate is made of a metallic yet shiny metal and Captain America’s star on his chest portrays the look of metal. When it comes to Thanos’ gauntlet however, this metal aesthetic is very evident due to the fact that this device is so powerful in the films.

For the viking aesthetic specifically, the method in which I determined this is because from the films (sorry for the spoiler alert), Thanos’ gauntlet comes from the same place where Thor’s hammer (Mjolnir) originated. This hammer is also known in past viking lore. Another reason for determining this viking aesthetic is by the complex designs used. Also, by how the metal almost looks woven around the center infinity stone. These intricate designs may be pretty difficult to make, but I’m interested to see what I can accomplish.

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  • Hunter, cool explanations of the aesthetics you’ll be bridging in your final project i’m excited to see how everything comes out. I am curious to hear what aesthetic you personally identify with. Do you tend to dress in ways that are reminiscent of the powerful and metallic aesthetics of marvel movies, or are you more of a woven metal viking kinda guy,? Or are you none of those things?

  • Daedalus Muse
    March 17, 2021 7:08 pm

    Hunter, this aesthetic is also one that I have found interesting myself throughout the years watching movies from the MCU. It’s especially interesting to see how the movies adapt things from the comics and put them to screen. The infinity gauntlet seems like it could be a pretty ambitious project to take on, I look forward to seeing how you decide to approach it.


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