Project Sketches and Aesthetics

For my project, I plan on creating or customizing/updating existing wall decor with graphic pop art of my own or some that I own. I also plan on arranging it around in a way that corresponds to the aesthetic.

Graphic pop art can be defined as a multi-colored, high contrast, and semi abstract genre of pop art influenced by graphic design. I am an avid comic book and graphic novel reader which has influenced my aesthetic inclinations and how I create art, so I thought this choice of the aesthetic worked perfectly for me. Most of this type of art can be seen on cheap graphic t-shirts as well as psychedelic posters and tapestries. Below are some examples

Source 1

I want to look through a plethora of different types of wall decor. Right now, I am working with the idea of using clocks since they are dynamic or other types. Below I have some sketches of graphic pop clock ideas and other images of possible wall decor.

Source 2


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  • Daniel Bojorquez
    March 20, 2023 4:20 pm

    This seems like a really cool project. If you do end up using clocks for it it will serve a double purpose of it being art and telling time as well. Are you set with using pop art as the aesthetic or have you thought about some other ones as well?


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