Midcentury Modern Aesthetic

I have always had a fascination with midcentury modern. The teak wood, muted tones, velvet/corduroy fabrics, geometric shapes, and simplicity has constantly struck a cord with me time and time again. Midcentury modern dates back to the mid-20th century, roughly 1945-1969 are most often referred to as being midcentury. This aesthetic is mostly correlated to architecture and interior design. Much like the characteristics I listed earlier in this post, are what makes midcentury modern what it is. The image I attached is a piece of work by Gio Ponti, an Italian midcentury modern architecture and interior designer. As you can see, detailed wood work, creative color combos, and most notable the collection of obscure yet unison shapes and sizes of the furniture, artwork, and patterns. Ponti was great at his craft due to his ability to create chaotic individual pieces that came together to radiate a sense of serenity. Which in my opinion, is what makes midcentury modern aesthetic beautiful and implicitly appealing.

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  • The example by Gio Ponti that you used reminds me a little bit of a Wes Anderson film. What do you think influenced this aesthetic?


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