Y2K Cargo Aesthetic: Upcycling Project

The aesthetic that I have chosen for my upcycling project is Y2K cargo pants. This aesthetic revolves around baggy pants that contain lots of large pockets that were very popular around the turn of the century. My plan is to create a pair of these pants by cutting and combining several pairs of cargo shorts so that I end up with a textured garment with several layers and an unnecessary amount of pockets. You might be saying to your self that cargo pants are ugly and their resurgence should be squandered before it gains any more traction than it already has. To that I say, you are probably right, but I am just going to ride the wave anyway.

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  • Cargo pants are never out of style. Really liked your post.

  • Hannah Matthews
    February 12, 2023 11:03 pm

    I enjoyed “I am just going to ride the wave anyway”. I am very excited to see the final project. This is such a creative use of old cargo pants and life is better with more pockets. Will the recycled cargo pants be the same color?


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