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Admittedly, I would like to be farther along on my project than I am. So far, I have acquired the piece of technology that I am going to destroy in the name of this class. It’s an old Panasonic VCR found at Goodwill, bought at a much lower price than it was probably sold for. It came with a VHS tape still inside, titled Homestead Days. I looked up this title, but it’s not any movie or show that I can tell. I don’t really have a way to figure out exactly what’s on the tape, so unfortunately I have to resort to destroying it as well. 

I am not sure how I want to create a space for a plant to thrive, as the majority of the player is very solid metal. The guts of it are less of an issue, since we aren’t really concerned with this thing working after the project is complete. I think I am going to unscrew one of the sides and see what’s inside, and remove what I can with my hands. If all else fails, the VHS tape itself is a much more forgiving piece to turn into a plant pot, since it’s much smaller and more malleable.

The plants themselves are going to be bought from Home Depot. I am thinking of a plant that does not require much effort to keep alive – things like succulents or hanging ivy. I think I am going to get some kind of container that I can insert into the player and create a multi-plant ecosystem in the same pot. My roommate has a much greener thumb than I do, so she will be the main consultant when it comes to the health of the plants. 

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  • I really like the idea of using hanging ivy as one of the plants. I can imagine the ivy will grow in very interesting ways and help capture the look of your chosen aesthetic. I too struggle when it comes to having a green thumb so I wish you the best of luck with maintaining your project!

    • Ivy was definitely considered! I wanted to have it coming out of the hole where the VHS tape is inserted. My roommate has been a very helpful consultant, hopefully the plants don’t hate their new home.

  • Hi Sam,

    I like then idea of making a plant potter out of an obsolete technology, it creates an interesting juxtaposition between nature and technology. The only thing I wanted to say is please find a way to play that VHS tape and make sure nothing is interesting. If you do destroy it before finding out what video footage is on it I will be very disappointed, let us know!

    • I appreciate your comments! I wish I could see what is on this VHS tape – my roommate and I did not have the necessary cables to plug in this VCR and play it on our TV. No one is more disappointed than me, I still have the guts of the VHS tape so maybe one day in the future!


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