Tensegrity Table Update

For my upcycle project I chose to pursue building a tensegrity table. I acquired all my materials from the makerspace located in the idea forge on CU’s campus. My materials can be seen below, consisting of two rectangular ply-wood boards, one 1.25″ diameter wood rod, about 5 feet of paracord, and about six inches of steel wire. I acquired all these materials out of a scrap wood pile and by asking nicely, as the wire and string are very cheap and often bought in abundance by people like Josh in the Maker-space.


Once I gathered these materials I cut the wood rod into the two identical pieces shown above, and then created the custom jig on the right to drill holes at 35 degrees which matches the rods. I used this jig to drill holes in the rods as well as angled holes in the top and bottom boards. Once these holes were drilled, I was ready to assemble and align my table to see if it would theoretically work.

The above photo allowed me to gauge how long the rods should be, and I ended up shaving two inches off and making them have parallel sides as you can see in the following photo. Now, I plan to sand and polish the wood, and acquire a system to tension the strings more to increase the stability of the table.


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  • This is a great project Ben! I thought about doing a tensegrity table too and I am glad someone was able to do it. It looks pretty sturdy, have you tested how much it can hold yet? I think it looks great and definitely inspired me to make one in the future.

  • Pere Roquet Arroyo
    February 18, 2023 11:43 am

    Ben I find your upcycling project very interesting and I am looking forward to see it finished. I always have been attracted for tensegrity tables because its unique way to arrange the materials in a non-intuitive way makes you stop every time and think why it is not falling appart. In addition, I have to say that your tensegrity table, appart of being tensegrity is also stylish.
    Are you planning to put any weight on top? Are you thinking about varnishing or painting the wood for its final iteration?


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