Upcycle Progress Report

My intended plan for the upcycling project is making a Gorpcore bag. This project consists of the deconstruction of old clothing and footwear that will be resew into a fabric for what will end up being being a sling bag. So far, I have collected the materials and being deconstructing. I have noted the cotton fabrics are a lot easier to deconstruct, but no necessary the material I want for the bag, so we may make some adjustments.

As I move forward, I’ll being to make the pattern and start sewing this weekend. If I am done before Sunday, I may play around with some other types of clothing and shoes I have laying around.

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  • Hi India, your project sounds really neat! Working with fabrics and sewing is a skill I envy. I was curious to know why you were not interested in cotton per se for your material and what you were hoping to use instead?


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