Admired Designer – Jeremy Fish

Jeremy Fish is an illustrator that I learned of due to his work with 303 Boards, a local skate shop in Boulder. Born in 1974, he has been commercially active as an artist since 2007, when he created a series of 40 pieces called “Seasons of Change” representing the four seasons.








Since then, he has created many works for local businesses, particularly murals, logos, and even sculptures. His use of animal imagery in his works is part of what drew me to his unique art style. His motifs often include the juxtaposition of death or danger with life and emotion – the series “Nature Studies”, illustrated in 2009, shows this typical use of animal life in his works and is now displayed in a gallery in Mexico city.

Fantasy creatures from familiar yet alien worlds are a centerpiece of many of his murals, especially those in the series he painted for Chicago and Torino, Italy. Aesop Rock’s commentary on Fish shows praise for his authentic, distinctive, and idiosyncratic compositional style: “At first glance, Fish’s images seem to be rooted in an alternate world — a world where gnomes travel via saddled dachshund-back and birds of all nations hatch adorned with the heads and hairstyles of every human stereotype imaginable. The bold, precise outlines give his ideas an immediate impact, but it’s the aftertaste that really cuts deep. Everything comes with a story. I have never known Jeremy to create something without a reason for it to exist and an accompanying tale.” This combination of form and purpose guides his works towards positive impact and significance of meaning, and the large number of pieces in each of his series provides room for storytelling and expression through detail and variety. Even larger pieces including sculpture are within his artistic grasp.

I personally own several of his collaborations on shoes, hoodies, shirts, and other items that he’s created with local artists, musicians, and shops, and will continue to follow his work in Boulder and in his home state of California as he continues to produce creative and unique murals, paintings, and illustrations!

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  • Super cool that you were able to analyze a local artist. I love some of the motifs in his works, the skull enveloped in the owl enveloped in the turtle is probably my favorite. The repitition of fantastical imagery with his unique, almost videogame-like style is awesome. Whimsical, yet grounded. Really awesome.

  • This is certainly an interesting, and a bit creepy, design style. At first glance it seemed to border on eldritch horrors, but seems much more rooted in this world, especially with the story aspect you described.

  • I love his style, thanks for Introducing me to his work! I’ll be keeping my eye out for his fashion pieces in class.


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