Beginning Arcade Design ideas

When designing my arcade and researching existing versions online I’ve found that the style of the arcade I make will vary on two axis, one being its physical shape (standing, bartop, etc) and the other being its material or final finish. I ultimately want whatever device I make to be as slim and portable as possible, so that crosses off a standing arcade. When it finds its forever home I imagine it being slim and mounted against a wall around bar/stool height, but because I will likely be moving soon I don’t want to make it only wall mounted either. Finally, since I’m putting the money and time in to get access to these games, I want to be able to play them on any TV and not be limited to just the small flat-screen I make my arcade unit with. So I want to make an arcade where the controllers lift out and can be used themselves as the retro-emulator console.

I contacted a sign company in Boulder that can print vinyl decals/wraps and they sounded excited to do it. If I decided to get it wrapped I could print essentially any image, pattern or decal and accomplish my aesthetic that way. I’ve also thought of painting it or covering it in a veneer. Whatever I choose to do for the controllers will need to withstand more wear and tear from peoples hands etc.

Some cardboard controller boxes I made with the Lasercutter to test dimesnions. The controls are from commonly found amazon kits.

The $4000 “Polycade” which I like for its slim wall mounted design, although it is much larger than what I want to make,

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  • Hey Brewster, this looks like an awesome endeavor! What types of games do you think you will use in the system ? Maybe your aesthetics could be a reflection of that if there’s any identifiable themes.

  • Hi Brewster, I think this is going to be a really cool project. Personally, I like the spaced themed idea as it is different to the retro aesthetic that is usually seen. What are you planning on using for a monitor on the arcade? I think we would both be using a similar style of display.


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