Ornamental vs Mid Century Modern

Currently for my project I am trying to decide what aesthetic I want to use for my frame. I am stuck between using a gaudy ornamental frame that has lots of details, or a simpler frame that would fit in anywhere. There are pros and cons to both options, as an ornamental frame would have more sentimental value and stand out. While a mid century modern frame would be simple and timeless, bringing more focus to the pieces that I choose to display over the frame.

For an ornamental frame I would choose to replicate the type of frame that you would see in a classical art museum. Ideally it would have many details that include curves, flowers, and be painted in gold. I think I am leaning more towards a bolder frame as it would help the project stand out as something I created and that is uniquely mine. Here is an example of a frame style that I am currently thinking of.

A mid century modern frame would be timeless, as it is very simple and would be easier to implement in any room. My inspiration behind a mid century modern inspired frame, is the Samsung frame TV, which was one of the products that gave me this idea.

Here is my mid century modern picture frame sketch.

I also had another idea for a frame that is inspired by Otto Wagners, Postal Savings bank in Austria. I like this idea so much because this is my favorite work of architecture and I would like to imagine a picture frame for the space. I was lucky enough to see the inside of the building in person on a trip, and it definitely was exactly what I pictured. The combination of aluminum, glass, and white is perfect. It is also complemented by mid century modern furniture that was also designed by Wagner that focused on functionality. However I am still thinking about what picture frame would best suit this space. Also it would be very complicated to manufacture and I have a lot of work ahead of me, potentially for a future rendition.

The dimensions of the screen will be a driving factor for the project as it will determine the size of the frame I will need and how I can attach the R Pi to the monitor. Currently my main focus is finding a monitor that is the correct size that I would like. I am currently going to many different thrift stores and looking on facebook marketplace . If I am unable to find a suitable screen I will buy a R Pi screen off of Amazon. Then I will begin to focus on frame design and Blender visuals at the same time.



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  • Those are two very different styles! I’m curious as to how you plan on making them, especially if you went with the ornate version. And what sort of ornate aesthetic would you be going for in particular? The example on the left is very structured and features repeating patterns while the one on the right is far more organic in form. There are many ornate aesthetics and I think it could be worth looking into one or a few in depth.

    • Hi Anna, I think I prefer the frame on the right, as the curves and natural shape grab attention. I plan on getting a frame that either matches the size of my monitor, or by using a window mat to cover the gap. I will definitely look more into different kinds of ornate frames, but its going to depend on what size and style works best.


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