Post 7: Alternative Aesthetics

For my project, I think that my original aesthetic was some kind of LED light/night light vibes type aesthetic that added a lighting aspect to something that wasn’t really meant to have lights to enhance it. There’s a certain purpose and cohesiveness to this.

For my alternate aesthetics, I went with 2 that diverge into very different aesthetics. The first one on the left, was inspired by most people’s first image of Lego. Very bright colors and a mismatch of different bricks to make something larger. A sorta childish or chaotic vibe to it that harkens back to the childish and toy like image of Lego at first. The mismatching and bright colors reminds me of playing with Legos when I was a child, where we just sorta threw something together, “aesthetic” be dammed. I think that this is very different form my actual idea because it throws cohesiveness out the window and doesn’t seek to have an actual resemblance to the real Saturn V.

The second aesthetic is a heavily technical, exploded version of the rocket. The Lego model is assembled in different sections and can be broken down into the main stages of the rocket with a little model of the lunar lander and the reentry capsule. So this aesthetic wouldn’t be flashy or have lights but would instead be heavy on the “realistic” aspect. Where it was very mechanical and breaks up the rocket to be as reflective of the real thing as a Lego model can be. It would be almost minimalist in a sense where it doesn’t have any extraneous aspects to it and uses the model itself to create a visual.

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  • Jose Salgado
    March 20, 2023 6:12 pm

    The chaotic colour variation of your first idea is very nostalgic. I remember I would make huge swords and ships out of what ever Legos I could get my hands on. If you decide to go with this aesthetic, how would you go about achieving all the different colours. Will you just use acrylic paint on different sections, or maybe you could find a way to colour each section differently with lights.

  • Michael Dailey
    March 20, 2023 5:01 pm

    I’m a big fan of space and I love seeing the crazy things people are able to make out of Lego. You touched on it early in this post, but the first design definitely gives me a sense of nostalgia with all the assorted colors. Like Rachel, I’m also curious about how large you’re planning on building it. I’m also wondering where you want to include the lighting component you mentioned. There’s a lot you can do with this concept, so I’m excited to see your progress and the final result!

  • Its great how you are going back to your childhood. Legos are a big pastime of mine too. I also like the rocket idea, I come from the rocket city in Huntsville so I support! The actual Saturn V in my hometown is one of the only three remaining rockets from the 60s and its like 350+ ft. tall so as far as size, what overall height/size are you going for on your piece?


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