Levitation Station Progress

Since the Design Preview in my last blog post, I haven’t made too much more progress. I was able to nearly complete my CAD models for the base as well as two different styles of cup to be levitated.

In my new base module, I have decided to go with a simpler and more streamlined hexagon shape with chamfered edges. I simplified the cutout for the module as I realized some of the pieces that were sticking out and forcing me to make cutouts for are actually removable. Another adjustment I made was taking down the height of the base by about a quarter inch as I had extra room to spare, and the flatter it is the better it looks for me. Finally, I added a small, cone-shaped divot in the middle as it felt visually pleasing to me, and will also help me in locating the center of the module when I am balancing the cup above it.

The first cup I designed is pretty simple, a cylindrical body coming to a point at the bottom to accentuate the fact that the cup levitates, and cannot be rested alone on a flat surface. However, this design wasn’t very visually pleasing to me so I designed a second cup with some small adjustments.

In my second cup, I widened the cylinder to allow me to make it into more of an hour glass shape. I believe that this will better highlight the fact that the cup will have a slight spin to it as it rotates. I also believe that even though I am following a minimalist aesthetic, the first cup was a bit too simple and my second iteration better complements the shape of the base.

In the next two weeks I will be finalizing my CAD models and converting to STL files so that I can begin printing. After the prints are complete, I will be testing them to make sure everything fits and the thickness of the base isn’t too large that it affects the magnetic force. After that I will be making any changes in the CAD models and reprinting them if necessary. Once they are 100% finalized I will complete the final assembly of the project.

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  • Daniel Bojorquez
    April 19, 2023 2:49 pm

    This is a really cool project i agree with the first design of the cup was a little too simplistic and the second design will become the focal point of the whole thing.


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