My progress since the design preview

Inspiration Reminder: Carnovsky RGB work, but put it in a frame.

Since my design preview report, I have spent most of my time in the BTU at ATLAS creating sawdust and painting. The frame is constructed of 1″x2″ Lumber, that I cut a rabbet “step” into to hold the photo and its backing. The face of the frame is constructed of 1″x3″ and it sort of makes this frame more like a shadowbox, this is where I am hiding my LEDs and electronics. I planned on using acrylic, but the reflectiveness seems to ruin the desired effect, there are a couple work arounds that I have to experiment with, before I scrap the glass/plexiglass totally. Being the constructor of this piece I am painfully aware of every flaw that it has, but overall I am on a path that I can take pride in.

Back of frame (open), and my LEDs

Red and Blue LED test

Still to do: Generate the art using photoshop and experiment with papers and printing techniques, I think I will do the Predator / Prey relationship for the artwork.

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  • Palmer Dick-Montez
    April 25, 2023 7:46 pm

    Hi Chris, it seems like you have made great progress! It may not work for this iteration of your project, but if you want to continue it I think they make acrylic which has a slightly rougher surface finish which would help reduce the reflections you are dealing with. I really like the contrast between the black frame and the vibrant colors from the LEDs that you have chosen, I think that it will really help your project stand out when it is being displayed. What drew you to the predator/prey relationship? I am excited to see your future progress!

  • Bodhin Peterson-Smart
    April 23, 2023 6:38 pm

    Hi Chris! This is looking really cool. I am curious if you will be laser-cutting the acrylic once you generate the art using Photoshop. I know in the BTU lab there is a similar light effect that someone did in the kitchen using acrylic.


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