Post 11: Final Report 1

For my main project I plan on constructing a deer mount out of MDF using a laser cutter similar to the featured image above that I have constructed in solid words. My main motive for this project is that I had this idea around 8 or 9 years ago but I didn’t have enough knowledge or resources to do it. Then a couple years ago I saw an ad on instagram and someone had the same idea but was actually able to do it and now they sell them at large corporations such as Bass Pro Shops. So I had created my own version of this idea as I originally intended to now that I have the ability to do so. The aesthetics that this project is fulfilling is nature core as well as a touch of brutism due to the look that this geometry and the MDF will have. It is also dynamic because it has a different look from every perspective due to the way it is assembled. I also might add some sort of lighting feature. Some of the initial designs that I thought about using to achieve some different aesthetics are below but I have currently decided to leave it without a finish. I also haven’t seen what it looks like after being cut out so thing could change.

For this project my main goal was to create something that I could have as a decoration after this class is over that I would be prideful enough in to show off. So far I am very proud of my work, the CAD model in the featured image consists of 18 individualized pieces that all have at least two slits in them which will allow them to slide together like a puzzle. The process of making each one of them was extremely time consuming as I had no idea how it looked until placing the piece in the assembly. I hardly ever got the proportions correct the first time so each piece required multiple iterations. Once complete I was very satisfied with the result.

The next stage of the project is cutting out the pieces with the laser cutter. I already got the MDF that I plan to use from Home Depot where they were able to cut the sheets down into 24 by 36 inch pieces. These will fit on the cutters that they have in the basement of the ITLL.



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  • Brewster Beck von Peccoz
    May 1, 2023 11:49 am

    Very cool idea, excited to see how it turns out! Given the 2D construction of the 3D sculpture, there might be a way to add a cool effect by painting/veenering the faces differently so that from different angles it takes on a different appearances, like light on one side and dark on the other.


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