Violin Double Pendulum Final Post 1

The artifact that I have been producing is a violin double pendulum machine. For this class, I was inspired to go with a Baroque/ Rococo aesthetic style combined with the traits from the arts and crafts movement. This style really spoke to me because it is associated with the time era from which the violin is extremely popular. During this era, humanity built several buildings custom made to accommodate and amplify the tone and acoustics of the violin. Because of this, the violin has very deep roots in these artistic styles. I particularly enjoy these styles so it seemed like the logical choice to go with

The double pendulum machine is set as a decoration and is designed to be interacted with. Essentially, the user will get to see it sitting as though it is a normal very fancy violin. However, once it is touched, it breaks this illusion and begins spinning. Depending on where the force is applied will change the ways that it spins dramatically.

During this project I had a few pivots, however it essentially is what was planned initially. The main single pivot was based on the aesthetic style. This style consists of a copper front plate that is decorated via etching and coloring to create a baroque artistic style that is placed on top of the reused violin face. This aesthetic plate perfectly merges the Baroque & Rococo and the Arts and Crafts styles because it has the Baroque vines and symbolic features while the manufacturing method of hand craftsmanship is seen in how the copper is worked.

One of my favorite things about how the copper piece came out that wasnt planned is the way that I did the hand crafting. I made extra etch lines through the blank space to help shape the copper to give it an overall curve. Because of the directionality of this, this also makes the copper look like it has wood grains. This makes the piece even more representative of a violin and adds to the appeal.


I ran into several complications for the course of this project. I have been restricted on time due to a lot of exterior factors, however I was able to put substantial time into this. Currently one of the bearing supports fell apart due to a weight issue as well as inadequate time for glue to harden. The piece was working perfectly before then. I will be able to complete fix this before my presentation so that I will have a good product to present.


Seen below should be a video of the pendulum working in action. It is able to do full rotations and do the random spinning I set out for. However, this is hard to take a video of on uneven ground and with no assistance. (But the view is worth it)


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  • Abhishek Raut
    May 9, 2023 6:14 pm

    Hi Ethan
    I loved the addition of copper plating to the project and the combination of the Baroque and Rococo aesthetic styles.
    It’s great to hear how you addressed the complications to the project.
    Great job!

  • Hannah Matthews
    May 2, 2023 2:41 pm

    I love this project. I love the final product. The pendulum violin double pendulum is a beautiful project and very aesthetic!


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