Progress: Sci Fi inspired Robot

Ah! and the cycle of iteration continues. I have realized how much I was underestimating the time and resources required to pull off building an entire functional robot in middle of the semester. Anyhow, this was interesting tradeoffs which helped me zeroed in on my final build shape form.

I have decided to build a 5 DOF robotic arm for which the CAD part is completed and I am planning to optimize the arms for the additively manufacturing.

Also, the stepper motors have been ordered and got delivered to me which will be used to provide 5 DOF to the robot along with microcontroller boards. I have made one interesting addition to the robot which I was not considering earlier is that I added a camera to provide feedback for computer vision.

I have starting working on the computer vision code, this camera I am using as a pathfinder for upcoming projects if successfully deployed and implemented in this robotic arm. This project will follow a bigger robot which will predominantly use camera vision to navigate around its surrounding along with making coffee for me I hope. 🙂

The next step along with working on coding is to figure out the assembly and fab of arms of robot.

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