I started this project with thinking about what material I wanted to use. I considered soda tabs considering I have collected them in the past, though I do not think I could find enough soda tabs within the next few weeks to allow for a whole project. I thought about some other materials that would be easily accessible and cheap which led me to cardboard. As a Creative Technology and Design student, I spend a lot of time in the ATLAS building where there are a few bins of cardboard people are throwing away. It would also make a great material because it can be easily laser cut, leaving minimal to no cutting for me to do by hand and it creates a more accurate design. Once I decided on a material, I began to think about what aesthetic I would like to go for. One aesthetic that has always fascinated me is steampunk. I have seen many cool costumes, sculptures, and other works of art with this design type that are truly detailed and amazing.


Steampunk is defined as “a genre of science fiction that has a historical setting and typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology.” Above, are some images I found as inspiration for this project. I wanted to find examples of the different forms that this aesthetic takes to come to a consensus on how I wanted my project to go.


Additionally, I also found images of cardboard designs that people make in the steampunk design. Many of these are very detailed and may be tough for a shorter project, but I wanted to use them as inspiration. To start my design, I want to draw out a few designs to help guide me in the process. Next, I am going to design it in a CAD program like Autodesk Fusion 360. Once I come up with a steampunk-like design, hoping to include a lot of gear elements, I will lay out all of the individual pieces so they can be laser cut and them glued together.

Some things I want to consider going into this project is to keep it simple (steampunk can be very detailed, but can also be done in a simpler way) and to consider the elements of the design that I enjoy. I find it really unique when people make animal sculptures in this aesthetic or take everyday things and make them more industrial. I think that really enhances the use of the design.

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  • Wow, I didn’t realize steampunk was like this! It is very nice. I like the idea of using cardboard since it gives a rustic feel. Please keep us updated as you home in on your design!

  • Hi Sophia! I was so interested to read about your research on the steampunk aesthetic. I didn’t know that steampunk is a genre of science fiction! I’m excited to follow your project over the coming weeks… creating a steampunk animal sculpture sounds like a great idea!


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