For my Upcycle project, I have decided to create a steampunk-style toaster out of cardboard. I love when the steampunk aesthetic takes up a generic everyday item and what better of an everyday item than a toaster! With my current progress, after last week where I decided what I wanted my aesthetic to be, I started to make some drawings. I wanted to have a few different drawings of toaster shapes as well as designs that I would add to the toasters to give them the steampunk style.

For the stylized parts, I found a lot of themes of industrial pieces such as gears, steel, and bolts. I also noticed how a lot of the designs include keys with ornate designs and clocks. Because I do not plan on including any keys, I wanted to make part of the toaster have that swirly metal look to it. For the clock theme, I thought it would be cool to use that style of nineteenth century clocks to make the dial. Finally, I wanted to include an exposed side if possible with some gears to further fit with the theme.

Going forward, I plan on making my 3D CAD design this coming weekend so I can start to fabricate this item. In addition, I would also like to start gathering my cardboard material. Ideally, I would be able to use repurposed cardboard I find in the recycling at different places on campus such as ATLAS and the ITLL which I know have cardboard recycling bins. In the following week, I plan to continue to fabricate and hopefully have all of the pieces designed and cut out in either a laser cutter or by hand by February 17th so I can dedicate that weekend to assembly and any other embellishments I may wish to add like painting. I think this will set me up well for the deadline on the 21st.

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  • Hello Sophia,
    Your toaster idea is super intriguing. Do you plan to make it functional so it can actually toast bread? I really like your steampunk idea o think it is very innovative. I’m excited to see the product to come.

    • Hi Sierra! No, I do not plan on making it functional, only decorative. Thank you for leaving a comment on my post!

  • Hi Sophia, this seems like a pretty cool project! First clarification I have, will this be a functional toaster? It seems to be implied that it is just for decoration but I want to make sure that I am understanding it properly. Or alternatively, will you be creating a new exterior for an existing toaster to have an operational toaster? With regards to the painting, what colors do you have in mind? To me, steampunk colors tend to remind me of CU colors, could the color theme be dual purposed? (If you would like it to of course) The progress looks good so far and I am excited to see where this leads.

    • Hi Ian! This will be purely decorative, not functional. I think that is a great idea to make an exterior for a toaster already, but due to this being cardboard, it may not work with a real toaster. For the colors, I was thinking of doing brass and copper colors to give it having the illusion of looking like metals. Thank you for leaving a comment on my post!


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