Hello Everyone, I’m excited to share with you all my overall plan and ideation for my Upcycling Project. For this project I am upcycling an old pair of jeans by using various fabrics and materials. This week I have started sketching out my plan for the design and finalized my materials.


Currently, I have my required materials, a rough sketch of my design and what I’m looking to create, and access to a sewing machine. As of now I am not ready to start the patchwork yet because I want to finalize my sketch and plan before going in with my material. I am still messing around with fabric combinations and placements.


I plan on creating a patchwork style technique but incorporating my aesthetic that is Cottagecore. This incorporates many natural and environmental aspects. To incorporate this theme I am planning on making patchwork flowers rather than the usual squares and rectangles. I think the flowers will contain similar stylistic elements to make sure I am within the scope of my planned aesthetic. As seen on my current sketch, I experimented with the placements of the flowers and also how it would look with normal patchwork placements. As of now I am not anywhere close to being satisfied with my design. There is just something about the contrast between the flowers and the patches that don’t sit right with me as well as the excessive amounts of blank space on the back of the pants. As of now I am going to go with the flower patchwork arrangement and a back pocket design.


The materials I will be using are a pair of jeans, 4 various types and styles of fabric (in beige and green tones), crochet yarn/needle, sewing machine, and needle and thread.                  



I plan on finishing my design by the end of this week so I can cut and pin my fabrics to the jeans itself. This will allow me enough time to make any adjustments needed or changes to my design. I will then block out a few hours in my schedule next week to go into the BTU Lab in Atlas to use the sewing machine and start sewing the pieces on. I plan on hand sewing the fabric on the back pockets so the pockets are still accessible. Since this does not require a sewing machine I should be able to finish that in my own space/time. Overall, I want to make sure I have all of next week to sew and utilize the time I have off of classes, and if worse comes to worse I will use the weekend as well.

I am excited to get working and start sewing. I hope I am able to make my ideas come to life and make a new use to a piece of clothing. Thank you for joining me on my creative process!

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  • Hi Emilee,

    The drawing that you did on the pants diagram is great. It shows what you want your design idea to look like well.

    I agree with you thinking that there might be something a bit odd with both style of patch work with both the squares and the flowers. But perhaps it could work with the square patch work being in another location in addition to the ones on the front? Then as for the crochet I like the idea and it fits with your aesthetic of cottagecore but again I am not sure adding just one would meld well with the other elements. Do you have only one size of the crochet element?

    • Hi Sophie,
      Thank you for your feedback! I found it very helpful to create a diagram to visualize my ideas as I put together this post. I have decided to create an “indie flower” patch design which I will scatter throughout the jeans with my various patterned fabrics. As for the crochet, I have already created the squares that I want to include but I can manipulate it in any way or change the placement that will be most beneficial.


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