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The upcycle project progresses as it should. I have since gone to the local goodwill and purchased 8 large (over 1 inch thick) books all for a dollar apiece. Seems like a good deal to me. While I was picking the books based on uniformity to each other, there happen to be a few books that I wouldn’t mind reading; The Corrections – Jonathan Franzen, John Adams – David McCullough, and The World Is Flat – Thomas L. Friedman. This being the case, I have decided that the books need to be easily removeable and interchangeable, no longer permanent.

I think I have an idea of a way I can do that. My idea has transitioned to more of a floating bookshelf, and I will pair this with a removable clip. I may or may not make this clip adjustable. The way I plan on making this clip is 3-d modeling, OnShape and then using the 3-d printers available through the ITLL.

As for supporting the books I am looking to use some metal L-shaped brackets and these I will mount to a plank of wood to make it removable. Due to the fact that I rent, it seems irresponsible to mount something to the walls in that manner. Doing it this way also means that the spacing of the brackets will be consistent in the future.

As for these brackets I am sure I can buy a couple from the local hardware store, McGuckins. I will use these brackets to slip between the last page of the bottom, supporting book and the outside cover, then attach the 3-d printed clip to keep the covers together. Doing it this way should make the mounting mostly invisible, giving these shelves a floating appearance.

Yes, there is a beer tap in my house.


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  • Good work on this post Chris! I really enjoy this idea and I think it will create a really cool look. I was wondering what aesthetic you will be emphasizing and how you chose the books that will be included. I am excited to see how this turns out and would definitely display something like this in my house.

    • Josh,
      The aesthetic I am attempting to follow is called bibliophilia. As for how I chose the books, it was mainly size based. I need to think about how many separate bookshelves I should make, being a product of the books I chose.


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