Upcycle Progress: Cyber Helmet

Hello to those it may concern, I am writing about my progress on my Cyber Helmet. Where we last left off I decided on doing a Power Rangers esk helmet to fulfill my fantasy of being a monster fighting ninja. I chose this aesthetic due to where I think fashion and technology are starting to converge. More and more we are seeing tech integrated into clothing and with new Apple Vision Pro more people are stepping into the wearable technology world. For this project I wanted to use colors and organic shapes to create a futuristic looking helmet that is wearable. I think for some of the main challenges those will come with the cardboard I am using. With cardboard being stiff and hard it will be tough to create the shapes I am looking for. Also the rough texture will be a challenge to create a smooth finish. I may have to work with the medium and use the stiffness to my advantage.

These are some sketches I went through to help myself get a more clear picture of what I am trying to make. With these sketches I can start to make a template and might practice with a small version this week. I think trial and error is going to be key for myself and I need to give myself enough time to go through iterations. Although I procrastinate quite a bit this project has me very excited and I have to see this through. Concerning my design I think I like the top left and very bottom designs the best. The mixture of sharp lines and organic shapes feels much better than one or the other. I want to keep playing with the visor and accessories but I will first focus on how to get the correct shape/form for the helmet piece. Doing it this way I think I will be able to make the accessories and visors to be interchangeable/modular. Doing it this way would lead to much easier customization and something I can continue to build off. This could also lead almost the full mask being able to be changed in a second and create something brand new. Lastly for the accessories I want to make them feel almost other worldly or like they came from the bottom of the sea. Very pointy or wavy shapes that highlight the shape of the helmet or maybe even something simple built in. For the colors I think I am going to go at first with a classic grey or chrome. While I am using cardboard I want to try my best to get a shiny reflection. If I am not able to do that with easy to get paint I might embrace the old rundown look and make my helmet feel like an artifact. The longer that I work on this project I am realizing how close my helmet feels like the Storm Trooper’s helmets. I may use some of that inspiration going forward and maybe even take a page out of Darth Vaders book. Overall I am super excited about this project and hope I can pull it off haha.

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  • Efrosini Krokos
    February 14, 2024 12:26 pm

    I love the sketches and glimpse into your thought process. Is there a specific material your are thinking of using?

  • Hey Collin, your Cyber Helmet project looks fantastic! I’m intrigued by your blend of Power Rangers aesthetics with futuristic wearable tech. The sketches you’ve created are impressive, especially the ones in the top left and bottom corners. It’s great to see how you’re navigating the challenges of working with cardboard and turning them into advantages for your design. Keep up the excellent work!

  • Hey Collin,
    I’ll be honest, my parents never let me watch Power Rangers, so your title image was what hooked me 🙂 I also really like your top left and bottom sketches, those were the ones that also resonated with me. I was also thinking Storm Trooper helmet in the back of my head too, so it was fun to see how we were both on similar wavelengths there. One thing to think about: it seems as though you’re drawing inspirations from sci-fi movies like Star Wars (which isn’t bad at all!). One thing to consider might be to see what other inspiration there might be from the past, maybe military helmets? I remember that was where George Lucas got some inspiration for the Storm Trooper helmet (I think, could be wrong on that one), so something to consider. Overall I think your project is really neat!



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