Post 3: Upcycle Progress

Since my upcycle project involves utilizing legos to build a flower or plant pot I needed to source some of my old legos from my parents house where I used to live. Since none of my old legos are in Boulder this means I had to do this post a little later than normal. I went back to my parent’s house in Denver to collect some of my old legos. I want to make my aesthetic a dessert theme. To do this I need to collect legos that are a combination of browns and reds to make sure the dessert aesthetic is kept up. I also wanted to include a light blue or a slight amount of green on the flowerpot to make it like a scene from picture where the light blue is representative of the sky and the green the minor vegetation of the dessert. This color scheme is purely representative of the dessert scenery because of the restrictions of the lego bricks. Since the legos are very geometric, the level of detail from some of the scenes of a dessert are not possible to create so the flowerpot will have a very square and geometric aesthetic on top of the original dessert aesthetic I am shooting for.

After going to my parents’ house, I was able to collect many light browns and darker brown legos to build a sufficiently sized flower pot. The red and orange legos didn’t tend to show the color of the dessert that I really wanted when looking at reference images. So I decided to mainly leave the flower pot as brown and light brown rather than having to deal with blending in the red and orange while making it look good. Additionally, I couldn’t seem to source many green legos so I am deciding to take most of the vegetation aspect out of the flower pot and leave that to the actual vegetation that is going within the pot to include the vegetation aspect of the project. I also decided to include lego bricks that have studs at a 90 degree angle within the walls of the pot. This feature allows it so that certain parts of the flowerpot can be built onto on the sides if any additional legos are wanted to be added. If I can source more legos that are representative of vegetation or orange and red bricks that will blend between with the brown colors I picked they can be added. Since I have the lego flowerpot built, I would call the upcycle fabrication mostly completed with some minor steps to go. All of my lego sourcing and building is done. All I need to do still is source sand and a small cactus plant to put within the pot. Once I am able to add the cactus, the dessert themed pot with a themed plant will be completed and ready to submit.

All pictures taken by me

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  • Juliette Goubeaud
    February 11, 2024 11:15 pm

    This is a really cool project! I love legos so this is really interesting to see them being used as more than just a themed decoration. My only concern is how water tight it will be. I know that there are small spaces in between pieces, so I was wondering if the possible leakage of water would be a concern for you? If so do you have an idea of how to make it more water tight?

  • Collin Ruprecht
    February 11, 2024 4:05 pm

    I really like the asymmetry of the piece. It makes it unique because most of the flower pots I see have radial symmetry. I think the brown pieces will be complemented well by the eventual plant in the pot. One question I have is will there be holes in the bottom to drain water? Will the drain dish also be made of legos?


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