I’ve had to switch my project over again to something more last minute because I wanted to do something that I actually wanted and would keep. I have taken my inspiration from my love  for wine and the ability to display a bottle as a piece of art instead of just drinking it. Whether it’s an eight dollar bottle or a five hundred dollar bottle it still serves a similar purpose: to look good and try to taste the part. As of now I have come up with my design and sourced the materials for it (including a few bottles of wine). This is what I’m aiming for it to look like below;

It’s a simple design but I’ll have to be careful when drilling the angle for the hole since it needs to be at a specific angle in order to balance itself out. Not only that but I also have to cut the wood in the right angle as well in order to ensure that it “floats” with ease.


Like I said before, I have a growing love for wine. I am in no way a connoisseur, but I do enjoy a good glass or three whenever I treat myself to a bottle. That being said, when I was thinking about this project, ideas bounced around in my head. Am I going to design a house? Am I going to build a wooden toy car? I had no idea. But a few days ago (I know that’s pretty late), this idea jumped in my head. Why not combine a fairly simple but sophisticated design with another passion of mine? Which is where this idea took life. I am looking to put a burnt image on it, whether it’s fire burned or stained I am looking towards making it look a but rustic. I feel that darker more rustic aesthetics fit the wine culture, opposite of the glamorous facet it has now. These are the designs I have made and plan on making the actual artifact tomorrow and finalizing it within this week;

The Fabrication process was adopted from the two images above, they are some quick and simple sketches that will allow me to gain a better grasp on what my artifact will look like. I will have only two materials, a piece of wood and a bottle of wine. In terms of the fabrication process, I can get this done in a single day (tomorrow) and have a pretty decent looking artifact. Within my functional goals I have achieved everything. I was able to secure a simple design that had actual meaning to me and what I liked. I’m not a fan of the fact that I started a little later but this will be done fairly quickly and it’ll serve a fun purpose! In terms of my artistic goals, I was able to keep it fairly modern and minimalist with a rustic touch. This object satisfies my aesthetics because I want my items to be modern, but I don’t want them to be boring. Which is why I feel that some sort of stain or rustic design element will look really good.

What’s Next?

I will finalize my project tomorrow and bring a fully functional and artistic artifact into class! I will end up keeping it which is why I’m happy that I decided to do this instead of my previous ideas that I have written about.


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  • Cole Metcalf
    May 8, 2024 7:21 am

    Hi Andres I really liked this different aesthetic and style and I am wondering if you had ideas about making this new idea.


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