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I have made good progress on my trumpet lamp, however I have not chosen a lamp shade which I think will be an important deciding factor in the lamp aesthetic. I plan to see what I can thrift tomorrow and if no appealing lamp shades are found I will find one that hasn’t been previously used. Today I chose a fabric scrap from the Art Parts Creative Reuse Center which is a store with used art supplies near North Boulder. In selecting a fabric scrap I wanted a fabric that was colorful, that didn’t clash with the brass color of the trumpet and that was a sturdy material. There were lots of options in a range of colors, patterns and textures. I almost selected a patterned fabric that complimented the color of the brass well, but the fabric seems to stretch so instead I chose a crisper fabric that was a plain teal. The teal is a complimentary color to the brass trumpet and will be a versatile base for pairing with lamp shades. I am hoping to find a slightly ornamented lamp that is colorful such as the red lamp shade in the image below.


I do plan to use a lamp shade but a completely different aesthetic would be to have a bare bulb. If I choose to have a bare bulb without a lamp shade that would certainly be more of an industrial and minimalist aesthetic, than a shaded lamp. I would probably want to choose an interesting bulb if that was the case and also a dimmer bulb.


Many lamp shades are plain white or creme colored and even that I would consider to fit within a minimalist aesthetic. As previously stated I haven’t completely nailed down the aesthetic of my lamp but I am trying to have a lamp that let’s the trumpet be the focus of the design and not the lampshade or base, however I would like the lamp shade to still have some decoration. I am aiming for something with a pattern or interesting shape, while not choosing a lamp shade that is too busy. If I chose a really elaborately decorated lamp, such as the bird themed lamp shade shown below, I could end up with a maximalist styled trumpet lamp. While a maximalist lamp could be interesting I want a lamp that is easy going and complementary in many different styled environments since I haven’t settled into a single living place yet and would like a lamp that can blend into many apartments. I feel that a maximalist aesthetic is a little too busy and I prefer a slightly more muted and plain aesthetic.



One thing I have considered is to select multiple lamp shades for my trumpet lamp so that I could change the aesthetic from time to time!


[1] https://www.wayfair.com/Astoria-Grand–7-H-x-9-W-SilkShantung-Bell-Lamp-Shade–Spider–VCOU3176-L180-K~W001284301.html?refid=GX685211382163-W001284301_1647318713&device=c&ptid=352885196343&network=g&targetid=pla-352885196343&channel=GooglePLA&ireid=67666014&fdid=1817&PiID%5B%5D=1647318713&gad_source=1&gclid=Cj0KCQiA5rGuBhCnARIsAN11vgSG9W_metFSdiNvGEI5K6P3-7yvYoMnqVA2etUtBa3A28cVRtPbilEaAsKbEALw_wcB

[2] https://www.westelm.com/products/sphere-stem-table-lamp-w3704/?catalogId=71&sku=5417295&cm_ven=PLA&cm_cat=Google&cm_pla=Lighting%20%3E%20Table%20%26%20Desk%20Lamps&cm_ite=5417295_14465514686&gad_source=1&gclid=Cj0KCQiA5rGuBhCnARIsAN11vgT7tWqrOOGg9Z0PdXR2W2pv_UhMLMktfNHaInJSi4RleSBs6hHgIhgaAqW8EALw_wcB

[3] https://www.etsy.com/listing/1237180799/glorious-plumes-bird-lampshade-blue

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  • Hello,

    I really love your project! I think it is a fantastic idea to swap out the lamp shades depending on whichever aesthetic you are currently inspired by. Creating something that allows this ongoing creative freedom is very special, and you can customize this product to decorate future living spaces. An idea that I have is to potentially change the lightbulb that you are using for the lamp, as well, because you could display many different colors in a room. In this way, a neon aesthetic could be achieved, especially through LED color-changing lighting.

  • Hi Abigail,
    The teal color looks nice and made me wondering if the fabric was sheer or opaque? I guess it depends on how you are going to attach the fabric to make the lamp shade, but depending on how much light you want to come through it could be interesting to experiment with the distance and thickness you make the shade.


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