Post 4: Opposite Upcycle Aesthetic

The opposite of my upcycle project aesthetic is maximalism. Since the reupholstery of my sun visor is following a minimalist theme, the direct opposite aesthetic of this is the literal opposite, maximalism.  Maximalist art pieces are those that are overall eclectic, with random arrangements of colors, text, objects and textures in a confined space. In the case of my sun visor, the maximalist aesthetic would probably require additional colored materials to be fully accomplished. However, if I had to create a maximalist sun visor with just denim, more than a few ideas come to mind. For example, the denim could be cut into strips that can be arranged randomly, or even just cut into random shapes. Additionally, various textures could be added by layering various pieces of denim in certain ways. The edges of cut denim could also be frayed intentionally, leaving a more eclectic appearance that better fits the maximalist aesthetic. Furthermore, denim could be carefully shaped into a more rigid, three-dimensional feature of my choosing, jutting out from the flatness of the visor in a way that is eclectic and maximalist.  By combining these various methods in a random fashion and hypothetically attaching them to the sun visor, I could enact the maximalist aesthetic to my upcycle project. Below I’ve attached a drawing that depicts what the maximalist sun visor would roughly look like. Note that although the maximalist aesthetic involves varying colors in addition to textures and objects, I think that with the versatility of denim and sewing in general one could still depict the eclectic nature of maximalism.

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  • Jadin – it was nice to see this comparison between the maximalist and minimalist aesthetics. I liked how you included a depiction of what your project would look like in this opposite aesthetic.

    • Efrosini Krokos
      February 18, 2024 7:22 pm

      How do you think your project would look as maximalist? What would be lost/gained from the experience?


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