Happy accidents, that’s how the progress on this project has been going for me. My initial plan of a vintage library inspired lamp has changed because of a new find. In order to find inspiration for projects I love going to the various thrift stores all around boulder where you can find the most eclectic assortment of second hand items. Upon my search for ideas I stumbled upon a beautiful Tivoli alarm clock from 10 years ago for only $15. New these would sell for upwards of 300 and Tivoli Audio products are well known for their minimal design and high quality audio features. I took the clock home and immediately became upset with the square clock on a round table. This round table was ordered on amazon by my dad and honestly I’ve never been a fan. Now that I have a good reason to figure out a new solution to this aesthetic conundrum.

To solve this, I will now create a new table for my bedside! My inspiration for this new concept comes from looking at all these random objects in the thrift store and seeing how I can take an object that has one intended function and use it for something completely different. The perfect item I found was a old tripod I saw sitting in the far corner of the store. Upon closer inspection it was a 80’s made in the USA Tiltall tripod, this will act as the base of my table. I have yet to decide what I will use for the table, besides that the combination of the tripod and a table will form a sort of industrial aesthetic, with a slightly rougher more mechanical look to the table. I’m looking forward to finishing this project up and having a nice bedside table.

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  • Matthew Osborn
    May 8, 2024 5:07 am

    your willingness to embrace happy accidents and transform them into creative solutions showcases your ingenuity. I’m excited to see how your new bedside table project unfolds and how it complements your space with its industrial aesthetic and functional design.

  • This looks interesting! Are you planning to bolt the alarm clock directly to the tripod or simply use it as the legs for the table. Does the tripod not have super long legs? I was thinking for a bed side table that the table should be fairly short. Good luck!


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