The aesthetic I will be exploring for my final project is the Abstract Tech aesthetic. This is very different from my upcycle project aesthetic, which was drawn from Steampunk. Abstract Tech includes digital holograms, lights, geometric patterns, and conceptual “technology” to paint a futuristic picture. This aesthetic draws on the technology movement of the 20th century. Growing up as digital technology exponentially grew, this aesthetic is something that has always been intriguing to me. I remember being fascinated with digital screens and circuitry as a young child. There is often digital circuitry involved in this aesthetic, and an overall futuristic feel. Below are two examples of Abstract Tech.

Artist: Olena Lishchyshyna


Artist: Alise Fox


My personal interest in this aesthetic is rooted in my interest in technology as an engineer. I really like the digital/ circuit patterning aspect of Abstract Tech. It will open the door for many different elements of modern aesthetics that involve technology in my main project. 

I already have an idea that I am fixated on for my project. I am planning on attempting to nail this aesthetic by creating an infinity mirror, preferably in a geometric shape such as a hexagon. This will have LED lights around the outside, that reflect to the inside, to hit the Abstract Tech aesthetic. My inspiration for this design is from a YouTube video I recently watched. I have included a screenshot of my inspiration below.

Artist: techydiy YouTube channel


See how the lights create that infinite geometric pattern on the inside? I believe that this will drive the Abstract Tech aesthetic for my project. The infinity mirror is composed of an approximately 30% transparent mirror set up a certain distance away from a 100% reflective mirror behind. My current plan is to 3D print a frame for the mirrors to sit on, and attach LED lights similar to the ones above along a rim in between the mirrors. This should result in the intended repeating pattern of the LEDs. I’ll have some electronic issues to deal with in creating a nice, clean frame that is easy to plug and unplug from a wall, or possibly even powered by a battery pack.

For the dynamic portion of the project, I am open to and would appreciate any suggestions. My current plan is to create a newton’s cradle in between the mirrors, on the same frame that holds the LED lights. The main goal/problem would be hiding the strings that attach to the balls. I think that the balls would not only provide an interesting, dynamic scientific portion to the project, but also reflect light in a way that plays further into the Abstract Tech aesthetic. Researching this aesthetic and planning out my project has evoked that excited feel for technology that I have not experienced since I was very young. Please let me know if you have any ideas/questions that could help me as I start to design the project!

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  • Forget the Mona Lisa! Jason the idea for your final project would make Picasso look like true rookie. I was touched to see that you also plan to use LED strip lighting and your engineering prowess to bring a piece of wall art alive like I also intend to do. Tears may fall when I gaze upon your completed design and I await that day dearly.


    • Jason Allshouse
      March 3, 2024 8:21 am

      Your words resonate with an effervescent enthusiasm that is as inspiring as it is heartening. Comparing my artistic capabilities to the esteemed Picasso is a proclamation that echoes with profound admiration, making me even more excited to start building. Hope my project lives up to your expectations, and I can create a viewing experience that transcends reality. Thanks John!

  • Hi Jason,
    I think it is cool that you are going to incorporate the infinity look from the mirrors. A question that I had was if you were going to get color changing LEDs or were you going to keep the single colored look? It might be interesting to have them slowly shift colors and scale the whole thing so it is like a table that looks into “infinity”.

    • Jason Allshouse
      March 3, 2024 8:15 am

      Hi Sophie, I was originally planning on using a single color (white) for the LED’s, just to keep things more consistent looking. Although I think having the lights able to change colors is not a bad idea. I’ll let you know what I decide. Thank you!


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