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Post 6: Main Project Plan – Hailey Usher

Where I’m At

Hi! For our upcoming final project, I feel that I’m still in the ideation phase. I don’t have one singular idea that’s sticking out to me right now. 

For my project, I know that I want to do something more design-focused. This means that I’m leaning toward a digital creation process, while I’m happy with the output of my project being either digital or physical. 

Right now, I’m in a class focused on implementing programming to create generative text designs. I can see this coming into play for my final project in this class. 

I’ve always wanted the chance to dive into a bigger design project. I was thinking, for my output, that I could create some sort of book or poster series. 

In a previous class I was in last semester, Text, I tackled a project where I created a foldable booklet that had song lyrics displayed throughout the pages. I really enjoyed the process of designing a physical booklet, where my designs flowed from page to page. 

Below are my designs for this booklet to help with my explanation. 

So, I think I’d be happy creating either a physical book or poster that is themed around song lyrics. Before I lock in this idea, I’m going to spend some more time fully exploring my options. I’m also open to any ideas that you might have for me! 


As I mentioned above, I want to pursue a design-based output for my final project. This means that my aesthetic will apply more to a graphic design medium. 

So, I feel that overall, I want to convey a “playful” graphic design aesthetic. Capturing a playful aesthetic involves vibrant, bright colors, imaginative design elements, and a less “rigid” font. 

The Noun Project – Graphic Design Styles

Right now, I’m excited to follow this aesthetic. However, if I feel that I can achieve a result that I’d like more with another aesthetic, I can see my ruleset for this project changing in the future.

Looking Forward 

Overall, I’ve always been a really creative person, and this project provides such an exciting outlet for me to pursue an avenue of design that I’ve always wanted to. 

Moving forward, I’m planning on researching different design styles and fonts through Pinterest and other similar websites. I also want to research how I’d be able to print out a professional looking book for my final output. I’m looking forward to getting started! Thanks for reading!


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  • Riley Menke
    May 7, 2024 6:03 pm

    I appreciate that you have left this so open for yourself to grow into. Cannot wait to see the design that made you happy at expo!

  • Sup Hailey,
    A graphic design project would be pretty interesting, and you’ve got a lot of time to do it so if you do decide to go that route, what kind of medium are you going to choose to display this design on? With the example you’ve shown, the aesthetic I gather from it makes me feel like this would be a carpet or placemat or maybe even something wearable. With so much time in this project, I’d love to see how you choose to integrate your (probably digital right?) graphic into physical mediums.

  • Hey there,

    It’s great to see you diving into the ideation phase for your final project! Your openness to different ideas and mediums is fantastic, and I’m excited to see where your creativity takes you.

    Your focus on a design-focused project, whether digital or physical, opens up a world of possibilities. The concept of creating a book or poster series themed around song lyrics sounds intriguing, especially considering your past experience with the foldable booklet project. The designs you shared from that project already showcase your talent for creating visually engaging pieces.

    Your intention to explore different design styles and fonts to capture a playful aesthetic is a smart approach. It’s important to stay open to new ideas and possibilities as you continue to refine your concept. Researching printing options for a professional-looking book is also a crucial step, and I’m sure you’ll find valuable resources to guide you in that process.

    Your enthusiasm for this project is palpable, and I have no doubt that your creativity will shine through in the final outcome. Keep exploring, experimenting, and pushing your creative boundaries. I can’t wait to see how your project unfolds!

    Best of luck, and keep us updated on your progress!

    Warm regards,


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