When exploring my aesthetic for the upcoming project I hit a few roadblocks. However, after exploring the idea of a mind map I was able to determine my desired aesthetic, Brutalism. This certain aesthetic was a major design movement stemming all over the world but especially in Eastern Europe and Russia after World War Two. 

Brutalism utilizes simple block shapes and exposed concrete to portray an intense feel when viewing the buildings. From personal experience I have seen lots of Brutalsim in cities like Prague, Berlin, and New York City. I find it very interesting from a historical and visual perspective and want to explore it more for my final project. A certain brutalist building I saw myself was the TV tower in Prague, Czech Republic. 

After seeing this building I was very eager to further explore the brutalist aesthetic and inspirations. These buildings often have very interesting interiors that often utilize exposed concrete sections and exposed material. In addition, it is very interesting how many war torn cities in Eastern Europe sprouted up from the rubble of World War 2 and implemented this Brutalist architecture. 

Interestingly enough, the Engineering Center at CU Boulder utilizes many aesthetics that relate to Brutalism. Notice that the engineering center has very exposed, rough, and sharp edges that seem to dominate the skyline of Boulder. Right when I visited Boulder the first time, I noticed the Engineering Building standing out a lot. 

For my final project, I want to explore how the Brutalist exterior can be emphasized in interior design. I am hoping to create some sort of lamp that utilizes concrete, rebar, and sharp edges. My project is in its very initial stages but there are a few things I would like to implement in my design. The first being some sort of warm light that can almost add a bit of light to the often dark brutalist interiors. Also, I want to use some sort of exposed rebar in my concrete design to emphasize the “built from rubble” aesthetic brutalist interiors often have. With that being said, I would also be interested in spray painting the back and front faces of this large scale lamp. I remember that there were some very influential and interesting spray painted art on the Berlin Wall that I would like to incorporate into my design in some way. 

Some sort of painting like this would look phenomenal on my lamp especially with some warm lighting passing through the room. 

My project is still very much in the early stages but I am very happy with my chosen aesthetic and overall vision of the lamp. In the future weeks I will further explore brutalist interiors and try to solidify how the lamp will become integrated with the rebar and concrete. In addition, I will be exploring light fixtures to see how I can best create a warm environment in a rather cold room. 








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  • Oliver White
    March 3, 2024 11:15 am

    Alex, I really enjoyed your insight into brutalist architecture and how you plan on incorporating aspects of that aesthetic into your final project. I think the “built from rubble” lamp would look very neat, and there are many different ways you can approach its design. I was drawn to your post by the photo of the TV tower in Prague. I lived within walking distance to that tower for a few months last year and looked at it everyday. It definitely clashes with the gothic and baroque architecture of the city, and the locals view it as a stain left by an oppressive communist regime. I am looking forward to see your project progress as the semester continues!

    • Alex Reynolds
      May 7, 2024 3:44 pm

      Hi oliver!
      Im glad you saw the TV tower! I think that this light will give others insight who havent seen similar buildings.

  • John Bileschi
    March 2, 2024 5:54 pm

    Il y a des années, à l’époque où j’ai sifflé pour la première fois et après plusieurs coups, j’ai regardé ma mère et lui ai dit : maman, penses-tu qu’un jour je pourrais trouver l’inspiration pour créer une esthétique que le monde n’oublierait jamais ? C’est le jour où j’ai appris que j’étais adopté ; néanmoins, après avoir lu en larmes ce que vous envisagez de faire pour votre projet, je crois enfin que mon rêve d’enfant est devenu réalité. Alex, tu viens peut-être de changer ma vie pour toujours, le brutalisme lié à la dureté du béton incarne vraiment mon enfance et je t’en remercie. Alex, je pense que si vous mettiez une sorte d’œuvre d’art sur votre lampe, cela nous fournirait à tous une lumière chaude passant non seulement à travers la pièce mais à travers nous tous. Alex, ma seule question pour toi est que feras-tu de cette nouvelle renommée une fois ton projet terminé ? Alex, veux-tu construire des douves ? Alex, sera-t-il le premier homme sur Mars ? Ou Alex, allez-vous créer votre propre musée qui incarne l’âme éternelle de l’art que vous nous avez fourni ?


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