I started creating renders for my wing. This was done in a solidworks assembly. I will be using an e423-il airfoil with a 40 cm chord. Using a high Reynolds number and an operating speed of 120 mph I calculated about 250lbs of downforce. The uprights will be made out of 6061 aluminum and will be adjustable from -5 degrees to 15 degrees. I added another support which will go through the trunk.


The vision for my project is to put it on a car. The specifications would to increase downforce and while turning the car at 120 mph it will oversteer less. I have put some alternative designs down below. One is more aesthetically pleasing and the other is more functional. I have posted the CAD designs down below.


3/18 Send to waterjet (This will be outsourced by Denver Waterjet)

3/24 Create wing (I will begin to learn how to use composites and work with carbon fiber)

4/29 Assemble wing (Find hardware that will attach the wing together)

5/9 Weld to the car (The trunk will need to be cut and the position of the wing will be important.)



As you can see the upright sits below the wing which will intern disrupt the airflow during turning. This is mitigated in the design above by having none of the upright under the wing. This is more of a BŌSŌZOKU aesthetic wing which is more for show than functionality. BŌSŌZOKU is a specific Japanese culture where they modify their cars to look ridiculous and stand out in a crowd.

Next week I plan on cutting the aluminum parts through Dener Waterjet.

I will also try to do a 3D CFD of the assembly at some point if anyone knows how to go about it leave a comment below!


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  • Hi Jarod, This looks super cool. I saw that you mentioned you would weld it onto your car, what kind of welding would that be?

  • Kyle Hashiro
    March 17, 2024 1:39 pm

    Wow, this is a cool very functional artifact! I like the title BIG WING. The renders and assembly look nice. Could you tell us more about the aesthetic of the BIG WING?


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