As a quick recap, my project is creating an end table out of an old school desk, I am designing it in the Bauhaus aesthetic because of the metal pipes the desk legs are made of. My main goal with this project is to keep it clean, Bauhaus is a very minimalistic aesthetic so I chose a simple black and red color scheme, keeping the silver desk legs. For my dynamic element I am going to create a matching drawer, to fit Bauhaus I need this drawer to run very smoothly, so it can really accentuate the functionality of this project. In a strange way I am going to heavily prioritize the aesthetic of this project, even though it’s minimalist. Trying to make everything clean and flawless will be a major challenge, and I’m sure that there will be places where I’ll have to live with slight imperfections. I have already run into one, I am painting the desk top to use as a tabletop for this project. On the top I used a red spray paint which turned out great. I used spray paint because I was worried about brush strokes or other imperfections that an inexperienced painter like myself may have made otherwise. I attempted to paint the sides black, however the spray paint did not stick and ran right off, so now I have to work on another way to achieve those clean edges. I am planning on using acrylic paint, and sanding don the painting surface even more than I did initially

A similar goal I have is attaching the pipes smoothly.

Here is the original desk, I have since cut it up, but I left the longer front legs intact and want to use the material I scrapped from the back half to match the same height of the from legs. I measured it all out and I have enough to make legs the same height, but it takes at least 3 pieces of metal each. My struggle now is how to attach the back legs together, while keeping the clean look that the front legs have. The biggest issue that I see myself having is time management. I am most worried that too much time will be spent on the legs that the drawer will be neglected. My own skills in painting, and fastening the legs will also come into play for how long this project will take. The tools I have available, and the worry this project may end up being to simple are my other restrictions. Over spring break I cut up the desk, so my next steps are going to be fastening, painting, and creating the drawer.

The final haul.

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  • Andres Serrano
    April 7, 2024 11:44 pm

    I love the fact that you are using an old school desk to make your artifact. How will you ensure that the legs are put on safe enough for you to confidently sit in it? But other than that, great idea.

  • Venkata Sanyasi Krishna Vidhan Rallapalli
    April 7, 2024 11:30 pm

    Your project of repurposing an old-school desk into a Bauhaus-inspired end table sounds fascinating, especially with the focus on clean lines and minimalist aesthetics. How do you plan to overcome the challenge of attaching the back legs smoothly while managing time effectively to ensure all aspects, including the drawer, receive adequate attention and detail?

  • Jason Allshouse
    April 7, 2024 11:42 am

    Hi Brandon, I think that your design and material choices will create a great project and aesthetic. I wish I had good advice on attaching the back legs together, while keeping the clean look that the front legs have but I am not great in this field. I would recommend talking to Josh in the Makerspace as he will be able to guide you in the right direction. Looking forward to seeing your end result and good luck!


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