Brandon B. Aspirations

Throughout my life I have always been a very artistic person. I loved my art classes in elementary through high school. If I had not gone into engineering for my degree I probably would have chosen something like animation. During my college career I never really had the opportunity to express my artistic capabilities, so this class is an amazing experience. I hope to be able to hone my creative skills and learn to incorporate them into my design projects.

As for what I would like to gain from all my classes before graduation, I want to gain a higher understanding of solving problems. The problems can be analysis or design based. I would like to gain the skills to be able to solve any problem I may run into. I think the most important skill is the ability to pick up new skills quickly in order to solve a problem. I feel this class helps me to achieve this. The projects for this class are not defined, I am going to run into problems I have not anticipated and I will have to learn to solve them. So out of all my other skills, this is the one I would like to master before graduation.

After graduation I want to get involved with aerospace. I have thought a lot about what I would like to do, from product development to bio-mechanical engineering, to energy. However, space has always captured my imagination. I believe it is the next frontier for human beings and I want to be a part of it. For this very reason my dream job would be at any of the big aerospace companies, like NASA, SpaceX, Lockheed Martin, etc. I want to be the one who develops new ways for humans to reach the heavens and perhaps one day I will get the chance to see the Earth as shown in the featured image.

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  • Hopefully you get better at problem solving. You will get better by practise and I think this class offers it in a different way so try to benefit from that. I also wanted to mention that my first choice is the Aerospace field. I leaning more towards commercial aviation. We can definitely share thoughts on this. Did you consider going to grad school for aerospace?

  • Great set of aspirations. Hopefully this class really helps you explore your creative side more, as it will help you solve more problems both artistically, and also be more creative with your engineering solutions as well. The aerospace industry is really booming right now and would be quite an exciting field to enter into. Hopefully you’ll be able to learn what you want to before graduation to help you in your designs, thoughtfulness of design, and other categories as well.

  • Brandon, nice thoughts. I hope you learn what you want in this class. let us know if our team can help.


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