Jeff’s Aspirations

What brought me to this class (as we talked about on Wednesday) is my past internships. I have seen the give and take between the engineering department and the design department at Boa technology. What I really wanted to get out of this class is the knowledge that will help me make something, not only functional, but also appealing. I think that many engineer’s goals coming out of college are to go into new product design or some sort of design work. Having worked at Boa, I know that it isn’t the place for me. Instead, I really enjoy the sustaining side of engineering, dealing with problems that arise after a product has been released. It is important for people who work in this to understand aesthetics in order to ensure that the potential fix wont impact the overall aesthetic or possibly improve it. My dream job would have to be skiing professionally. If that falls through (it never really went anywhere to start), I would love to work at a small company in a sustaining department.

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  • It is interesting to hear from the perspective of sustaining rather than design. Such a large portion of most products on the market is how they are being sustained, but nobody usually thinks in those terms. Everyone always thinks about how great the design is, but never considers how to improve the product from its current standing. As great as an engineering career is, I am rooting for you to become a pro skier.

  • Peter Brunsgaard
    February 21, 2016 1:24 pm

    Jeff, I completely agree that the sustainable side of engineering is an incredibly crucial part of design and functionality. It’s frustrating to design a product from the ground up, while expanding and building upon an already solid idea/project is incredibly rewarding work. In the mean time, keep shredding the gnar pow pow!

  • Hey Jeff, I think its really cool your dream job would be to be a professional skier. I think its good to never give up completely on our real dreams. I do think it is neat how much you have learned from your internship at boa though. I think internships are a good idea to see both what we may want to do in the future and what we don’t want to end up doing. I also think it is awesome you are into the sustainability of designs as well as the aesthetic. I can’t wait to see where you end up in the future!


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