Main Project Inspirations

When starting the brainstorming process for my main project the only thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to somehow incorporate a microprocessor such as an Arduino. I wanted to do this to improve my programing skills. I started to consider various applications of an Arduino that I could apply a unique aesthetic to and am currently considering a digital clock. This is subject to change if I come up with a more interesting idea, but overall I am excited about my current design idea.

The current state of my design is largely influenced by Nixie clock and a similar acrylic based design. These clocks illuminate an individual number at a time for each place of the clock. Fornixieiixie tube clocks the numbers are filaments in a vacume tube while in the acrylic based design the numbers are acrylic plates illuminated by LEDs. Images of these clocks are included below.

My design is similar to these clocks in how only one number per place is illuminated at a time. However, the design differs in how the numbers are made. Currently, my idea is to use optical fibers inlaied in black epoxy. The idea is to replacate stars in a night sky. The way the fibers are lit is similar to how the acrylic light is lit as it uses LEDs to light the individual numbering. An exaple of Optical fiber inlaid to black epoxy is included in the image below.

[3] Black epoxy countertop with inlaid fiber optics

Im still figuring out the body of the clock but currently I’m thinking some sort of wood mixed that matches the epoxy. I thinking of making the curves of the clock ssomewhaat streamlined to invoke achieve a sleak modern looking aesthetic.




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