This semester has been a great experience. After this class, I am much more confident in my ability to apply aesthetics to the designs I make in the future. Not only do I have a better understanding of what aesthetics are, but I also have strengthened my ability to think critically about aesthetics and the motivation behind them. In addition to expanding my knowledge pertaining to aesthetics, I was able to make two artifacts that I am very proud of. Through the creation of these artifacts, I better understand the challenges in applying a specific aesthetic and was able to develop new skills pertaining to the design process and hands-on production. I think one of the greatest takeaways from the class for me is how useful sketching is for concept generation and development of a design.

My blog posts from this semester are included below.

Aesthetic Exploration: A-frame Houses

Up-Cycle Progress: Power Line Insulator Lamp

Up-Cycle Inspiration & Progress

UpCycle Final Report: Power Line Insulator Lamp

Skill Sets and Personal Aspirations

Main Project Inspirations

Top 5 Constraints

Optical Fiber Clock Design Review Report

Comparison to 20th Century Design: Fiber Optic Clock

Construction Timeline: Fiber-Optic Clock

Fiber Optic Clock Final Stretch

Fiber Optic Clock: What and How

Fiber Optic Clock: Final Report Part 2

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