Jae’s Current vs 20th century

My chosen final design aesthetic is disco(nightclub). Nightclub scene in the 20th century is pretty insane because they were experiencing blossom of capitalism while being uneducated. Money, drug, freedom, and individualism gave people the courage to express themselves more unique and cooler as much as they can.

Dancers and partygoers celebrate at Club USA in 1993.
Crowds dance at a party at Club Expo, 1995.
Trance Party
Image result for 2019 nightclub pictures
Current Nightclub Scene

While comparing the disco setup, I realized that the environmental aesthetic of the nightclub scene hasn’t changed much besides better equipment. The more interestingly, 80s and 90s fashion don’t look old from the current perspective. I think the reason why we don’t see them weird anymore because, not only fashion trend comes and goes, the world is getting more diverse as time goes on.

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