Summing up 2019 – Jae Lee

Interesting and exciting, but it was during engineering senior year. I had fun doing this class within the extreme schedule so I think I couldn’t show off my full potential during the final project, but I am satisfied with other projects. It was a great experience to think about aesthetics itself because we usually don’t think about it deeply while we appreciate it all the time.

Aesthetic Exploration: ASAP Rocky

Upcycle Process: Safety glove for cutting in kitchen

Upcycle: Safety Glove for the cutting. Inspiration


Upcycle Final Report

Jae’s Skill sets and personal aspirations

Jae’s Main Project Inspiration

Jae’s Top 5 constraints

Jae’s Design Review

Jae’s Current vs 20th century

Jae’s Construction Timeline

Jae’s Main Project Final Stretch!

Disco Light – Final Project Report Part 1

Main Project Part 2 – Disco Ball


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