Upcycle Progress Whimsigoth HursPurs

Summary: I acquired a used, beat up toy horse from Goodwill with another idea in mind. Upon getting the horse I became inspired, sketching out a concept of what I imagined. I went with the plan 1 and have since primed the horse and attached all hardware necessary to make it a functional purse.

I had two concepts, semi-truck engine compartment opening or normal hinge. I inevitably went with normal hinge because the other concept felt unsettling.

Buttercup got the boots with the fur.

I sculpted a horn with polymer clay, to make it attachable I pushed an armature wire through the center up until half way. I then attached the end of that wire to a rock to keep its shape. Once it was perfect I slid it into a drilled hole and glued it down, spray painting it with the rest of the body.

Getting charged up with oven unicorn magic. Baked at 250 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes. The temp and time are decided on vibes.

Weight test.

My progress this week: I’ve found the perfect strap for the purse, it clips on and off and can swivel. It was in a box of odds and ends in my craft room so I couldn’t tell you where it came from. I created several pots of paint with eyeshadow pressed powder pigments and Liquitex, creating custom acrylic paint from old makeup. I did not have as many colors that were shiny or shimmery that would create depth so I decided upon buying powder pigments.
Amazon had a massive pack of 144 mica pigments on sale at 46 dollars which felt fair, allowing to make a few more pots which I recorded the process of for the main presentation of the project.
I have started on the face of the horse, focusing on a fun, whimsical celestial themed nebula.

I haven’t stuck to the concept very closely but this has been the main inspiration of the paint job I started this week. I have not gotten any photos of the horse as of late as I am still finagling the stars.

As soon as this is done, the finishing touch to the paint job will be my star sign on his rear. I will then glitter the hooves under the fur and the horn to add some magic to him. I will then buy a spray enamel from Walmart to seal the paint job, using painters tape to protect the non removable hardware bits. I will then work on the lining and insides, I have a fabric I’ve saved for a special project that is absolutely perfect. The last things to do would be stress/wear tests.


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  • What an interesting project you have! This reminds me of the girl on TikTok who uses rather unconventional pieces (and most of the time just objects) to create her fashion statements. Her name is Myra Magdalen if you haven’t heard of her, although her aesthetic differs a bit. It seems as if you’ve put in a lot of work already. Maybe not in the description of the assignment, but buying something (the Amazon paints) (even if investment for another project) seems less “upcycling”, no? I am not sure. Would it be “unsettling” to use fur on the inside? What is your star sign?

    • Efrosini Krokos
      February 13, 2024 10:17 am

      I did not know of that creator and I will definitely check them out. The recycled part of the project is the horse and the pressed powder eye shadow pigments, the mica powder was under 50 dollars which felt fair for the project and are primarily going to be added for shine. Unfortunately most eye shadows are matte and for what I plan to do I need a bit more shimmer. Putting fur inside wouldn’t be too weird, but I think a nice soft fabric bag would be nicer as the fur is difficult to work with as easily.


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