When we started this course we began on upcycling old things to become something new, giving old things life again.

For my upcycle project I created a Horse Purse crafted from a horse toy I found at Goodwill. I aimed for a whimsical and fun aesthetic for this project. With some minor cosmetic upgrades and a sick new paint job, Buttercup went from raggedy to a whimsical lil guy.

The progress for that project can be found here:

Upcycle Project: Horse Purse

Upcycle Progress Whimsigoth HursPurs

Horse Purse

For my main project in which we were allowed to create anything so long as it had a dynamic component, I chose to make a guillotine eventually settling on an artistic functional (but not dangerous) piece. Initially, it was stylized in the “Mcbling” aesthetic and that progress can be seen here:

Final Project Specifications and Constraints

Main Projects: Ideas And Alternatives

Progress and Changes

McClintock Guillotine-What

Mcbling Guillotine-How

Over the week after making the project it just was. It sitting well with me. Paired with tensions on the Aurora campus and across the globe, I decide to allow my art to reflect me and my personal stresses. The aesthetic shifted to realism and the piece became more akin to protest art. I’ll more than likely redo it again as I’m still not happy, I am thinking about maybe messing around with mural painting when I’m not restrained by an aesthetic.


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