Construction Timeline: Dynamic Infinity Mirror

So far I have completed 99% if the coding, electrical, and design work for my project. This week and next I will be doing final revisions on all of my work and starting the manufacturing section of my project. I have most all of the CAD work done and nearly all of my coding done.…
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Construction Timeline

Less than three weeks remain before the final project presentations begin on April 24.  Thus, I have designed a construction timeline to ensure my progress toward an end product.  A new skill I am excited to learn through this process is laser cutting.  I will complete the Intro to Laser Cutting workshop on April 9…
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Construction Timeline: Standing desk

Hello Everyone, The following is a Gantt chart that I made in excel, using instructions from here: Gantt chart of timeline for final project   I can’t figure out why these photos cannot be enlarged without looking terrible… so I will also explain this in words: From top to bottom the categories of tasks are:…
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