Inspiration for Glass Writing Board(s)

The vision that I have for my main project is to design glass writing boards (kinda like the title picture, but probably not that big) for the hallways in the dorm that I live on campus – Andrews Hall. This hall has been my home since I started my first year at CU, and the community there has allowed me to become better and feel supported in innumerous ways. I believe that a neat way that I can give back to this community is with these writing boards.

The idea for these boards actually came from the professor who directs the engineering honors program (EHP) in this hall. After some initial flushing out of ideas, I think that this should be a fun and rewarding project to work on. A big reason that I want to pursue this is that these boards will allow each floor the opportunity to create its own identity through their own twist on the aesthetic design of the boards in the future. At the beginning of each new year, groups of freshmen will hopefully team up to come up with their own unique designs and work on bring them to live. This aspect of care-free and hands on engineering is something that I wish I had had exposure to earlier in my college career. I believe that many students can benefit from a project like this because of the opportunities to learn things outside of the classroom. Specifically, I think that it is important to give them the chance to learn that we do not learn everything in the classroom; outside learning and experimenting must compliment classes (and will help with keeping sanity 🙂 )

Another great thing about this project is that the number of different aesthetics and creative elements that might be incorporated is huge, probably endless even! Here are some of the design ideas that I am interested in:

  • Steam punk
    • Gears ,machinery, and other industrial objects placed in a modern setting, robotics, robotic animation,
  • Nature
    • Roots, seasons, natural beauty, wood grain, hidden surprises
  • Space
    • Stars, spaceships, space travel/exploration, planets, space stations, extraterrestrials
    • Star trek, star wars
  • Modern/rustic
    • Clean looks with minimal functional annoyance


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  • Andre Szlendak
    March 3, 2016 11:55 am

    When you first pitched this idea to me, it made me thing of those modern submarines with their glass maps. In that sense it has a modern feel (very open, collaborative…) but I also like the industrial feel that it would give with the materials you seem to have chosen.

  • I like how you have architecture up there. I think the ornate style of a lot of old buildings will go well with your vision.


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