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For my final project I knew that I wanted to do something with arrows. I learned how to shoot a bow with my grandfather when I was a child, and since then archery has become a favorite pastime of mine. For the upcycling project I considered using some old broken arrows as a material, but decided the end product wouldn’t fit with the aesthetic I was looking for in the project. The problem was that I still had a pile of old arrows sitting around with no purpose.

A couple weeks later I was making arrows over the weekend which required cutting arrows to length as seen in the picture below.

arrow cutter

After finishing the arrows I had a pile of ends sitting on the table and suddenly saw the arrows in a new light. When looking down the end of the arrows I discovered that the open ended tubes had a cool visual effect.


arrow tube

Now that I had a way to use the arrows, I had to figure out how to use the material. For that I started to look up different pipe art work on the internet and came up with some cool projects.

copper tube art 2

Sculptural Copper Tubing Furniture and Art by TJ Volonis

tube art

copper tube art

The last picture showed above was the one that finally caught my eye. I thought That I could do a similar design with the arrow shafts as well as cut the shafts to different lengths to get more of a 3D effect.

As for the dynamic component, I discovered that an LED fits perfectly within the arrow shaft. Thus for the dynamic feature I think I can mount some LEDs within the shafts and create different light patterns with either an array of switches or micro-controllers.

That is where my inspiration and design project lies for now. As I dive more into the design review report I hope to discover more about the feasibility of the project.

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  • The background story behind your post was great, showing how a family member is part of your inspiration. I agree with Sophia, that you should look for a purpose in your art piece. Whether it be invoke happiness, or bring up a deeper meaning. I think your inspiration will lead you to creating a tremendous project!

  • I think your project is very creative. Does this piece have a specific purpose other than art? As an art piece, what emotion or feeling are you trying to convey to the viewer? Whatever your intentions, you should keep them in mind when designing the aesthetic. I think this has great potential and I am excited to see where it goes!


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