Neo Parasol – Final Report

Project Summary

The inspiration behind this idea is simply having a beautiful parasol that also poses as an umbrella, and that I love the show RWBY and a character from the show carries a parasol and I wish to make it real! The aesthetic of this parasol is very romantic, feminine, and a bit Victorian, especially due to its white, pink, and brown lace mixed with maroon Fleur de Lis patterns.

The making of this parasol was relatively straightforward. I purchased a cane umbrella with an auto-open feature, stripped it of its original canvas, measured the canvas, remade the panels using white lace, added pink lace, used brown fabric spray paint for the brown edges, sewed on a clear layer under the lace, and painted on the red design. The easiest part was (after learning how to use the sewing machine) sewing the panels together and attaching it to the umbrella. The hardest and slowest parts by far were attaching the clear layer and painting on the design. I would estimate about 20 hours put into this project. About 1 hour on preparation on the umbrella frame itself (measuring and prepping), 3 hours into lace preparation including dying and cutting, 3 hours into sewing, 5 hours into the clear liner sewing, 3 hours into painting, and then a few hours into choosing, purchasing, and testing materials and equipment and among other miscellaneous things related to the project like repainting and touch-ups.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the result! It is almost waterproof as it is, but I don’t want the paint eventually washing away, which is why I want to add another plastic layer on top, which I will be doing right after finals.

The show’s parasol:


My parasol:

Presentation Video


Table of Contents

Inspirations (2/24)

My Final Project Summary (3/2)

Top 5 Constraints (3/9)

Project Timeline Updates (3/16)

Project Update – Lace Cutting and Preparation (3/30)

Quick Update – (4/6)

Update – Huge Progress! (4/13)

Final Update! (4/20)

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  • Does it work like a regular umbrella?

  • Jakob Oreskovich
    May 4, 2016 3:54 pm

    Wow, the final product looks awesome! Are you thinking about making the rest of the costume? If so, I’d like to see it!

  • Jakob Oreskovich
    May 4, 2016 2:16 pm

    The final product looks really great! Nice job on the video as well. Have you thought about adding some LEDs to the final construction? I know you can buy conductive thread. Maybe you could work this into your design?


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