Neo Parasol 4/13 update

I had a very busy weekend so I did not get as much done as I had hoped. However, all of the initial sewing is done! Basically, the current status is that the eight “petals” are cut and sewn together and they are almost attached to the umbrella frame itself. The pink lace decoration is also cut but it is not attached to the white lace yet.  I wish I could provide pictures but my phone has been acting faulty in the last week and I cannot get the photos off, but maybe I’ll have them up by Sunday!


Here are the pictures that I promised to get up! These are all of the ones as of 4/13.

I basically spent the first hour learning how to use a sewing machine. Here’s a close up of the stitch on the lace.


Here’s all eight pieces of the white lace stitched together!

And then, I attached it to the umbrella frame! Unfortunately since I do not have the best sewing machine skills, it is not the most even but it still looks great!

I did accidentally lose one of the “caps” of the frame where the lace is supposed to be sewn onto – I’ll be 3D printing a replacement this week. For now, I’ve been stretching the lace over the end to make it stay as I finish up.

Here’s the pink pieces getting measured and cut.

I managed to get even further today (Sunday 4/17):

First I sewed all of the pink pieces together and then attached it to the rest of the parasol.

Next, I used a brown fabric spray paint to make the brown edges. I used the old umbrella fabric to make the shape and to block the spray from going through the lace and painting anything else. I estimated about 4.5″ length of about how much brown I wanted.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand, here is what it currently is!

On Monday, I will add the red design on it. Then Tuesday is my birthday so I’m not working on this! And then Wednesday I’ll finish the “waterproofing layer”. Yay!



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